Anyone integrated Ch. 0 with College Algebra?

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Anyone integrated Ch. 0 with College Algebra?

Lisa Berry
I am designing a high school year-long senior-level course. I intend to use "College Algebra" and am really excited about it. The goal of the course is to prepare students for college-level math. Many of these students have some foundational gaps, so much of the Ch. 0 material needs to be covered.

I'm thinking rather than doing all of Ch. 0 first, I'd like to integrate Ch. 0 into the textbook so it flows a bit. For example, there's no sense working through factoring early on (0.6) then going back to function notation and arithmetic (ch. 1) before using factoring with quadratic functions.

I'm wondering if anyone has done something similar and found an ordering that worked nicely. I'll work through it, but hate to spend time re-inventing the wheel.

Thanks for your thoughts.