A couple of new additions from the community!

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A couple of new additions from the community!

Carl Stitz
Hello, folks!

I am excited to announce two new contributions to our website.

The first is a Salt Lake Community College version of the College Algebra text:


(note the index is under construction!)

Here is a link to the textbook homework answers for Chapters 1-6:


Major congratulations to Ruth Trygstad and her team for completing such an amazing undertaking!

In addition to the text, there is a MyOpenMath course designed to go along with the text.  If you are an MOM user, you can find the course "MOM College Algebra HW" by searching to add  "Other's Courses" and finding "Salt Lake Community College" and looking at Ruth Trygstad's courses.

Second, we have had another faculty member (who wishes to remain anonymous) contribute Beamer slides for the 3rd edition.  They can be found here:


What a wonderful way to start the academic year!  A big THANK YOU to all contributors to the cause past and present!