8.5 Problem 27-30

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8.5 Problem 27-30

Jon Thurmond
In the 2x2 example, you repeatedly reference the zero matrix notated by [0]_2x2.  Is this not the 'square' zero matrix?

If it is, then, in the equation CX=[0]_2x2, with C (a 2x2) * X = [0]_2x2, wouldn't X also need be a 2x2 matrix.  But then it is stated that a general parameterized solution to this equation, Y, is a 2x1 matrix.

I would think that (C_2x2)(X_2x1)=[0]_2x1.

I apologize if I am interpreting the notation incorrectly.  However, if I am not, then Problems 27-30 should reference [0]_3x1.